by Pollux

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Released on Proc-Records [proc249]
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Video from Alpha 600178 (Nautical Star Version):
Description by Proc-Records:
the amazing Pollux has returned to proc-records
with a fantastic little ep of that glorious ambient/drone
Similar in length to his previous release with us, he
has once again given us about fifteen solid minutes of
wonderful textureous melodies that go nicely with
this chilly weather :)

the ep starts off on a rather mellow tone.
Deep layers of electronic strings and chords fill your
speakers (or headphones) with supple
melodies and other calming elements.
actually...the whole EP is like that!
It is quite rare for us to recieve an entire ep
full of ambient tracks, so to have something like this to
release is definitely something I am happy about :D

Each and every piece is unique, and while the album
flows nicely from one track to the next, each piece is strong
and solid enough to where it doesnt rely on the previous or
the next track for support, meaning that
while each piece plays a crucial role in the progression
of the album, these tracks are so unique and
diverse that they aren't as dependent on one another to
obtain the "full effect" of this album.
All the tracks are great, but my personal favorite pieces happen to be
Givre (Mechanical Heart Version) and Without (Dead Orchid Version).
These two pieces in particular really gave me a tremendous
amount of aural satisfaction!! :D

All in all, this is an excellent ep, and it only strengthens my
appreciation and respect for Pollux.
He is a rather new artist to the underground producer scene, and
he is showing an amazing amount of potential.
I believe it goes without saying that he always
has a place here at proc-records!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, stop whatever you are doing.
It is time to take a break and relax to the soothing sounds of..."


released January 17, 2009




Pollux France

Pollux is Arnaud Barbe.


HQ & Low Bitrate.

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