Unexpected Caress

by Pollux



This is a lobit aka low bitrate release. Download link is below.
Released on Top Of The Flops: [TOTF024] topoftheflopsrecords.blogspot.com
Download Page: archive.org/details/Pollux-UnexpectedCaresstotf024
Description by Top Of The Flops:
"in 'Spit On Me' Pollux managed to transform some beautiful glitchy piano melodies into something more sinister.
a certain frustration represents itself in sound and creates a combination of music i never heard before.
after the dark undertone of the first track Pollux arrives with a injection of melodic atmospheric medicine,
only he could provide our ears. think laidback beats combined with soul-food which makes all the frustrations of every day life instantly dissolve.
as you thought it couldn't get any better than this 'Unexpected Cares' appears.
a beautiful dramatic melodic slow master piece coming straight out of composer Arnaud Barbe's soul.
the stunning combination of pure darkness, and still uplifting comforting layers are haunting your ears.
this combination of bright and sinister dark-ness hits a potential door to a different reality.
it is something not easily to create beautiful music containing these two opposites of feelings,
but the sincerity of this outstanding E.P from Pollux managed to capture it all in pure beauty.
The drone mix is the perfect open ending of a moment in time. it comforts you although you still hear some doubts over the upcoming future.
Lucky some bright lights at the end will comfort you and if not, it will be probably the best to take another shot of this fine Pollux medicine.

Pollux certainly makes a statement on this record, not only has he opened (yet again) his beautiful heart showing his fears,
he did it in such a delicious way that everyone could adapt the sound to their own troubles of every day.
and just like the album cover ' Gloss' is also plain sexy!"


released November 7, 2011




Pollux France

Pollux is Arnaud Barbe.


HQ & Low Bitrate.

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