Studies In Ambient + Drone Research + Development (Remixed by Pollux)

by Graffiti Mechanism



This is a lobit aka low bitrate release. Download link is below.
Released on Top Of The Flops: [TOTF016]
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Graffiti Mechanism:
Description by Top Of The Flops:
"The music and work / sound / vibes of underground veteran Graffiti Mechanism is as pure as it can be. we at TOTF refer to his music as diary-music. it cnan be drone, it can be funky acid, it can be mentallisticfantastique live noise, hip hop or even chicken electronics. it just depends on GM mood what comes out, but its always recognizable and seriously always a TOP of the FLOPS!
we are not the only (download only the lonely by Graffiti Mechanism on 8ravens)
one who loves the output GM produces, Pollux is also one of his devoted fans.
but being a fan is not enough he is also a great producer in the diary-music field and he simply took the work from Graffiti Mechanism and remixed it with his own personal touch and flavor. this all resulted in a minimalistic repetitive drone world where two diffrend diary minded musical souls where melted as one..."


released May 30, 2011




Pollux France

Pollux is Arnaud Barbe.


HQ & Low Bitrate.

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