by Pollux & Razxca

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Released on Genetic Trance: [Siro606] genetic-trance.jimdo.com
Alternative Download: archive.org/details/GT594
Review by Yeah I Know It Sucks:
"It’s time to go underground… deep underground. For this review I’ve brought my shovelcraft, a box of red wine, some party lights, a couple blankets and pillows, and this album. I think that’s all we will need. This is a mission of science. We must learn all we can about this album, dig far beneath the surface.

The first track is by Pollux… it’s titled ‘Negative +’. I hear a throbbing feedback signal. We’re caught in the throes of multiple sound texture orgasms as the Earth crumbles away underneath us. Dinosaur bones break apart in the dirt and now the ruins of some lost civilisation lays uncovered before us. The music sounds like the dust of aeons kicking up, vegetation and buried life caught in a stasis we’ve now interrupted. I’m reminded of that part in Super Metroid just before the planet Zebes comes alive. The heavy swells of gritty electronic tones toward the end are fantastic.

Pollux’ second track on this split is titled ‘Dead Orchid’. We’re moving on, faster and faster, warp-drive! The sounds get louder, the frequencies higher, then we begin slowing. It’s mostly rock bed down here, would hate for the shovelcraft to break down this far below the Earth’s surface. We seem to have found a cavern! It sounds hollow and vast here. A draft of wind can be heard in the distance, and an underground waterfall.

Digging further we come upon Razxca’s ‘Smth Bot There’… are there ancient machines activating from someplace within this cave? It sounds like an airfield. I begin to wonder if vibrations from Earths surface are creating echoes in this mysterious chamber. Shrill feedback and titanic rumbles threaten to bury us in the rock and dirt. We should stay inside the shovelcraft I think, in case… oh shit! Magma erupts into the chamber, surrounding our heat-proof craft and carrying us along. All we can hear is the drone…

… ah, lucky us! We’ve come out of a volcano. We’ll just drive to a safe place away from all this molten rock to disembark. Phew, that was fun. Nothing quite like the seismic drone and lush Earthly ambiance of artists Pollux and Razxca on this Split. I’ve logged a link, in case you want to use this data for your own reports, or casual enjoyment."


released February 4, 2013



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Pollux France

Pollux is Arnaud Barbe.


HQ & Low Bitrate.

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