Skeleton Perfum

by Pollux



This is a lobit aka low bitrate release. Download link is below.
Tracks from The Rainbow Floppy Compilation: [SPB004]
Review by Yeah I Know It Sucks:
"[...] Oh People, what a joy this 8 x floppy disk boxset is! Even the prolific soundmaker and head of the successful Sirona Records is here with its own space of blackness!
This is a track that comes indeed as a nice surprise as it is of a different vibe than I expected it to be.
A child introduces the work and it evolves in a soundscape where many sounds are hidden in a long lost depth of a warm world. It is probably my imagination at work but I can hear things from the past like steam locomotives blowing their horn.. a spirit is walking on the dusty floor nearby and the overflowing glow on this track is tremendous. It feels like I am listening to a live recording of Alfred Hitchcock his coffin and notice that mysterious sounds come and go from down under the dirth. In the sky I hear airplanes, and around me I hear the daft sound of friendly wurms eating fresh body’s from other parts of the graveyard. It is a excellent choice to place this experience on the black floppy, as Alfred would probably have loved it too. Althoughmy words my come across that I experienced this track as a dark track but it is not. It is a fine sound collage that is full of crackles and warmth, but with so many hidden sounds in its depth while still being minimal, it just made my imagination go berserk. Thrilling! [...]

The second track is a remixed version of Pollux’s – No Violence.
It feels like utter darkness has surrounds us but seemingly it is all of a very loving and generous kind. These brothers of darkness are not so dark after all. But still this track sound like a moving piece of swimming in a cold underwater world. Perhaps in the deep down below of the bottom of the sea, this is pop music for the predator fish? To me personally it comes across as very calming and really chills the F out of me... [...]"


released October 15, 2014




Pollux France

Pollux is Arnaud Barbe.


HQ & Low Bitrate.

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