Prolific Bunnies

by Toxic Chicken & Pollux



This is a lobit aka low bitrate release. Download link is below.
Released on Microbit-Records: [MBR-194]
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Toxic Chicken:
Review by Yeah I Know It Sucks:
"AH, so hungry! I pulled into the internet diner in my cyber-SAAB and requested Toxic Chicken with a generous side of Pollux — which I envision as like, this globule of lime jello with maybe bits of broccoli and peas suspended within it. My unseen chefs must have been fucking like rabbits in the kitchen when they were cooking it up, as I found a hare on my plate! It looks delicious though, so I perhaps I’ll try a bite…

… the first taste of Toxic Chicken, called ‘The Misunderstood Prolific Artist’, had some really pretty micro-synth melodies. Shiny, they sparkled in the mouth like pop rocks, nourished like water from a crystal spring. Then there was a low sound-burp of vocals, gummy with an aftertaste like spaghetti.

Afterward, I figured I’d get a spoonful of Pollux with ‘Astronaut Bunny VS Cosmonaut Rabbit’. I’ve always preferred Cosmonaut to Astronaut, with it’s etymological Greek root as opposed to the Latin. I asked myself why this was, and I think it’s because I like things that are cosmic more than astral. Like music. I thought to myself, what if there were Astral music? I’m sure it exists already… could have sworn I’d heard of something like “astral jazz” before, but I just really don’t know about all that. Cosmic music feels like a secular, if psychedelic, and largely science-minded pursuit of the Cosmos; star music, fascination with planetary bodies, treks through the universe. Astral music sounds like, “hey, I’m gonna go listen to John Tesh records while having a private conversation with Sephiroth and Sponge Bob on the astral plane, then I’m going to practice my werewolf yoga and LARPing skills in the front yard.” Anyway, getting off topic here. This track tastes very yummy! Filtered cosmic sounds with a hint of almond and a filling, chocolate lobit 808 groove. There’s a piano in the center, warm and like a strange berry I’ve never tasted before. It must be the way the ingredients have been treated by the chef… then, at the end, we are treated to a lavender finish with reversed cosmosis!

I couldn’t help but eat the rest of the Toxic Chicken… this one, known as ‘Another Good Prolific Track For The World To Enjoy’ was, as the chef insisted, very enjoyable indeed! Lobit machine rhythms with a peculiar chewiness lead into bell sequences that were airy, like a whipped parfait, tasting of fruit and lemon. The prettiness of the melodies seem to compound each other in a frisée. Not as rich or robust as burgundy, but with a similar depth despite the bitrate.

Cracking open ‘Don’t Watch Your Watch’ was easy… Pollux is like a pistachio here, with the deep stretched percussive sounds. He batters the mix with a smooth, egg-based harmonic chord pad before frying. Or maybe it’s like a jazzy fondue? Ultra-sensual melodic components, using only the freshest produce, a sound like chilled sake and quickly-seared fish, served medium!"


released November 3, 2012




Pollux France

Pollux is Arnaud Barbe.


HQ & Low Bitrate.

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