My Beautiful Melancholia

by Pollux

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Released on Sirona-Records [Siro416]
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Video for Rain In your Face & Stress In Your Mind (Loosening Version):
Review by Recent Music Heroes:
"Arnaud Barbe aka Pogohm aka Pollux can be described as a very prolific artist from France who in addition to have issued a batch of countless releases over the last years heads up a label, called Sirona-Records in which list there are represented more than 500 albums at the moment (despite of being one of the most qualitative blueprints worldwide). However, his 4-piece brand new one which is spreaded out over 14 minutes meets at the crossroads of boisterous ambient, an array of reshuffled broken beats, and somehow transcendental feeling. Inspite of involving a loads of elements it sounds essentially holistic. At times it chimes like the flight of a mysterious spaceshuttle having been on the road more than the average time length of a human generation thus the memories about this one are remarkably blurred, though, some people still believe there might be up such kind of object. In a word, it is a fabulous issue alleviating pain and providing hope for the next days."
Review by NMMREM:
"It took a while to find another Pollux album I really like after the brilliant Offer Their Souls a few years ago. No, I haven't tried them all, there are if not hundreds then dozens in between). Even though Pollux is a very productive artist, he still keeps a fine quality in his works. But the ones I've tried, mainly Abandoned Area, Lune Rouge and Wasteland have left me just quite pleasant aftertastes.

My Beautiful Melancholia which somehow has an enticing name, however leaves a very good impression. The varying beats give a lot of new grounds to the ambient of Pollux and make for a new interestspan. First track Absence (Blasted Version) even makes repeated hipsteresque background woman vocals work; without reminding of wool sweaters, MacBooks and instragram-jokes too much.

It is followed by Rain In Your Face & Stress In Your Mind (Loosening Version), which is rather a positive chillout vibe with nothing much happening except variation and growth circling around the same set of melodies. UAV Style (Plasma Version) continues the same but for me has a more complex variation. Not a huge amount of goosebumps but stellar progress and mild surprises.

The real catch is the title track. Similar than Pollux's track "Black Hope", it is has a very Braid'ish melody; I can see the town in flames in the main screen in my soul's eye. The effect is very pretty. Pollux really works best when associated with a certain mental image. My Beautiful Melancholia even has a sort of evil twist in it, but it entwined between the beautiful parts that it doesn't bother like some evil horror ambient might bother. It just adds more to it."


released June 24, 2012




Pollux France

Pollux is Arnaud Barbe.


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