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Released on Storage Unit Netlabel: [STORAGEUNIT005]
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Description by Storage Unit Netlabel:
"Medusa' is a 2-part dark ambient trip masterfully woven by Mr. Barbe to unify mild ambient and somber drone as one, almost like seeing a beautiful girl while simultaneously facing the cold glare of serpents if you will. In short, this is 10 minutes of gorgeous music you definitely don't want to miss!"
Review by Yeah I Know It Sucks:
"Medusa, the woman with the snakes’ haircut and a stare that changes every human into stone garden statues. Just think about the poor woman how ugly she must have been and also how she could never enjoy the missionary position in bed with a brave male lover, without literally facing the risk of being crushed. In fact Medusa was the first woman in mythological history who invented the useful ‘Woman on Top’ activity for pure practical reasons!

Another historical figure in the make with a reputation is Pollux. He may not have snakes instead of hair, or a dangerous pair of eyes turning people into plastic Tupperware! But Pollux does have the musical skills to create something that might bring some positive light on the smeared reputation of Medusa’s name.

Pollux erases the ugliness of the painful history with delivering a realm of calm warmth. In this warm flow we meet up with a slight sneaky twist that is possible a reminder of the awful haircut the poor woman had in her life time. But in general this warm glow of sound is nothing to be frightened of, a real restoration of a name surrounded with an awful reputation.

The second part of Pollux’s Medusa is more of the goodness that we would hoped for; Another real calm atmosphere with slow passing movements that seem very suitable for meditation purposes. A wonderful depth that has an undertone of acceptance, as well as the calm flavor of mythical beings.

This release may be too short too fully restore the name of Medusa into something that stands for pretty flows of mind calming atmospheres, but still I’m sure Medusa herself would have been honored to hear this work in her name. And if the artist ever wakes up with the spirit of Medusa on top of him to deliver an unsuspected private ‘thank you’ visit, than remember never ever too look into her eyes!"


released July 12, 2013




Pollux France

Pollux is Arnaud Barbe.


HQ & Low Bitrate.

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