by Pollux



This is a lobit aka low bitrate release. Download link is below.
Ogg - 27kbps
Released on SP, on floppy disk: [SPFD10eu] www.discogs.com/Pollux-Kai/release/3919711
Download: archive.org/download/Pollux-Kai/Pollux-Kai.zip
This track is dedicated to the fabulous KAI.
His inspiration touches every part of our scene, while also delicately carressing every part of us.
Review by Yeah I Know It Sucks:
"Pollux ‘s Kai is from a origin a floppy diskette release that makes me as a sensitive listener teary eyed from its overwhelming charming beauty. The music created by Pollux seems to come from a very warm and friendly place, and the ear-friendly acoustics are as if it has been made in the historic windmill of Lobith. Charming, insightful and nostalgic. It’s a melodic ambient track done in such a pleasant atmosphere, so calm and friendly; it’s definitely an emotional piece, but of a calming and comforting kind.

There is no room for drama here, as every bite, every inch, every minute is born out of love. I was not there when Pollux gave birth to this lovely release, but you can just hear it; it’s all masterfully captured in the music! The way it is played, how it moves is like a melodic water spring in heaven; you can listen to it on repeat for an eternity of time and it will simply never be a bore.

Pollux certainly knows how to translate feelings and emotions in to sincere sounding music and… can someone please hand me a tissue? The tear flow of beauty really gets to me, it’s like an unstoppable waterfall. I’m totally in love with this release, and as I’m an open minded person; I won’t hold you back to share this love with me or others. (Might this end up in some strange orgy? I’m all up for it!)

You can stream this pretty music from Pollux his bandcamp account, or download it in its original lobit sound from archive.org. But if you really, really love it; Might I recommend showing some love by getting the original physical release?
You can get a copy by going to Discogs.com and contact seller ‘Venturi‘ , he will be happy to make your physical floppy dreams come true."


released October 14, 2014




Pollux France

Pollux is Arnaud Barbe.


HQ & Low Bitrate.

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