by Pollux

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Released on Proc-Records [proc391]
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Video for Instinctive (Imaginary Version):
Video for T.W.I.N (Ceox South Canada Edit):
Description by Proc-Records:
"one of the things i love about music, and,
to be more specific, electronic music, is it's
unique ability to have different meanings to
different people.
odds are, no two people will feel the same about
any given track, nor will they share the same
exact thoughts or have quite the
same reaction.
something else i enjoy about it is the fact that
music, especially today, can be created, manipulated,
and transformed into something else entirely
and achieve a completely different reaction from
the original aspect.

for example, a very calming and pleasant
ambient track can easily be remixed and turned
into a dancefloor epic by adding strong basslines,
steady 4/4 beats and maybe a lead synth along
with some various effects.
What was once a very mind-enhancing piece
is now something that people will be
dancing the night away to in a small room
with many other people!
pollux has done some fantastic things
with music in the past, and certainly with this
latest album, it is not an exception.
the tracks which so many people have
downloaded, listened to, shared and enjoyed
over the course of his career have been
remixed, edited, spliced and diced to perfection
by a few of his acquaintences and are
now available on proc for your listening pleasure.

many of the tracks on this album are exceedingly
calm and spacious, allowing for a very laid-back
and lounge-based atmosphere.
perfect for sitting around in couches
drinking beer having good conversation with
close friends on a cool summer evening.

from start to finish, this album is sure to please.
that is a garauntee."
Artwork by Givre Arnaud


released July 13, 2010




Pollux France

Pollux is Arnaud Barbe.


HQ & Low Bitrate.

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