Destroyed Environment

by Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt & Pollux

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Released on Effluvia Recordings [ER055]
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Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt:
Description by Effluvia Recordings:
"The party at Effluvia is ranting and raving, cars driving to and fro by the tens of millions. The sound of pale ale bottles being smashed and water bottles being suckled on by the hundreds of millions. More and more and more resources from our neverending flourishing earth. And yet, this magnificent crest of this magnificent wave we are riding at this smash is about to overshoot the shore and head straight for the inner city townspeople. In our party we have grown scarce. The air is toxic, the floor is covered up to your aching ears in rubbish of some ungodly origin. The effluvium becomes to great, and we drop like flies in this destroyed environment, screamed into your dancing ears until you are neutralized. Searching for enlightenment, hoping to become still and in the moment through expensive sweat lodge sauna therapy and smashing your possessions in cathartic liberation, we artists hop everywhere among the rubble, and perhaps one day we shall be free. Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt & Pollux, the two most prolific artists on Effluvia, offer two screams in this remarkably tormented split. First with Sean, whose direction towards his drone is always so empowering and always so different, freezing and burning at the same time, the tones will fluxuate inside your core and erupt as emotional overload. Brace yourself for his gender neutral environment. And then with Pollux, who brings something totally unexpected and totally welcome, a track of nihilistic, maddened and maddening harsh noise glitchiness. So crunchy and earthy as to feel it breaking apart your teeth. Squealing screams that tear your skull open as you rip off your scalp. Wonderful darkness in this shadow of a split. Party responsibly, party fruitlessly, until you run out of debris to party with, and you join it’s sensational compost in discordant harmony, as you die and in the meantime lie to your friends, who spy on your every thought. Still feel like partying?"


released February 4, 2012




Pollux France

Pollux is Arnaud Barbe.


HQ & Low Bitrate.

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