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This is a lobit aka low bitrate release. Download link is below.
Released on SPTOtfSP: [SPTOtfSP029]
Direct Download:
Review by Yeah I Know It Sucks:
"French electronic artist ‘Pollux’ returned after a bit of well deserved silence, to add a short but pretty release to his prolific music career.
Released through the passionate lobit department of the DIY label SP Records, “Clearness’ is for sure a peaceful thrill to chill out too. Made to be fitted on a floppy diskette (which you could order by mailing the director of the label) the sublabel SPTOtfSP also kindly provides this record for free download..

‘Clearness’ is the first beauty that comes with the sound of love, translated as petite warm melodies that are hypnotic and smooth on the mind. A soft beat that functions as a relaxing heartbeat takes the pretty melodic ambience in a enjoyable organic loop. It is a shame that as with every track, there is an end to it. Like a crystal that is carefully crafted from its original raw state, into a pretty smooth glittering stone of simplicity, this music is lovable clearness that should never end.

Lucky for anyone who wants to dive deeper in the previous track, there is the modern option of the ‘repeat’ button. But this release isn’t over as ‘Until We’ continues the warm loving sound the ears are begging to hear. Warm smooth loving synthetic ambient strings, that have a bright almost angelic feel, are deliciously melted with joyful rolling drums. Let this fill up your ears, your heart and soul. These simple but loving warm sounds of music are captured for anyone who needs it."


released June 11, 2013




Pollux France

Pollux is Arnaud Barbe.


HQ & Low Bitrate.

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