Chaos Split

by OsO4 / Pollux

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Released on SP: [SPNet058]
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Description by SPNet:
"A dark brooding split from Italy's OsO4 and France's Pollux (operator of Sirona Records and our very own SPOptic). Recorded in October of 2012, this fresh fruit is quite tart. OsO4 is up first, blending dark ambient and harsh noise into a spooky composition full of echo. It brings to mind stinking catacombs and dark rites of the occult. Equinox is a really strong and intense listen throughout and would sound right at home on a label like Aurora Borealis alongside groups like Burial Hex and Wraiths. Next is Pollux, taking a direction similar to an earlier SPNet release of his, Tribe's Dream, but with everything cranked up to eleven. The overall experience is brighter than OsO4's, but not by much, as the track slowly unfurls across its forty-two minutes. The sound starts big and swirly and, to the listener's surprise, it only manages to get bigger, yielding a realm of crushing beauty. When taken together, these tracks conjure up an dark summoning ritual. OsO4 describes the dark mechanics of the ritual itself: the sacrifices, chanting, invoking, and atmosphere; Pollux, in turn, portrays the result: the ancient creature slowly emerging from the black nothingness, its power and form too great for puny human description. To turn a phrase from Lovecraft, this is the sound of the dark universe yawning."


released November 15, 2012




Pollux France

Pollux is Arnaud Barbe.


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