Broken Wing

by Pollux

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Released on Trashfuck Net
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Review by Yeah I Know It Sucks:
"To me, Springtime is the season most like love. Easy and warm, with a wind stirring the emotions. There is new growth everywhere and your head is filled with exploratory dreams and fantasies of the Summer to come. With some, love can feel more like Autumn. Rich, but decadent; complicated, messy, self-conscious of it’s own temporality. And how quick the visage becomes as cold as Winter, as if love’s seed and lain potentials were crushed beneath the frost. I was born in Autumn and I know it well. So, too, was Arnaud of Pollux and the superb net label Sirona – and yet his music here speaks to my heart of a love like Spring. How do I know such things? A combination of Facebook birthday calender applications and poetic insight, I suppose. But, where Autumn souls dwell, always there is some taint of decay. Broken Wing is a twilight experience… the lighter moods carry a trace of doubt or apprehension, in the darker pieces there is hope. We will soar to the heights of emotion on a broken wing, stumbling every so often to find ourselves in the deepest darkness.

First, there is ‘Sunlight’, which feels like a bright ray of sunshine peering through your window as you wake up in the afternoon, groggy and pleasurably unsure of who or where you are. Bright drones of an harmonious nature dreamily hover around us.

The next track, ‘Abstract Passion’, feels at first much more like a dark, twisted version of the previous track. As the drones roil, a brighter pad creeps up in the mix, and now we’ve landed again on a perch from which everything momentarily seems vividly sweet and serene. The darkness has not left yet, however… those feelings and pleasures were fleeting. We return to the self doubt once the love has absolved itself, as if inspired to negative introspect.

Afterward comes ‘Shadows’. A very low drone grows louder, it is a bleak sound wave. We may have gone beyond the pale and left our love behind to rot and ferment as we stalk further into the shadows of the soul. Complexity is reared in the drone, frequencies sounding disheveled.

‘Between A & B’ takes us back to the twilight, ambiguous textures evoking that wonderful sense of happy sadness / sad happiness. The drones seamlessly float between light, airy, then tenebrous, all with an orchestral feel. A very lovely piece of music!

Then it’s ‘Choir’, in which a low drone comes in followed by floating, angelic choir sounds. A rift has opened in the clouds for us to pursue, but the sky grows red, dark. It is very fitful, the sounds are neither light nor dark, not totally anyway or for any length of time either way.

A series of very sweet orchestral chords sweep us into their arms on the titular ‘Broken Wing’. It’s not quite broken sounding, possibly more hopeful than any previous tracks on here. We feel as though we are flying so high that the world itself has become simply an abstract shape, and we have been freed from worries over the small concerns that besiege those below.

‘Descend’ continues with very low textures, like a subdued noisescape not quite acoustically similar to the waves of the ocean, but enough so that it is the closest comparison I can draw. Strings gradually surge upward, and the emotion that accompanies them is of morose character.

Very sorrowful strings and pads begin ‘Don’t Look Back’, which feels like a dream of love lost abruptly and without goodbyes. It is very stoic, and yet like an extended look backward at what was once and can never be again. This is probably my favourite track on the album, the most in tune with a cosmic sense of loss and depression.

Then on ‘None’, our spirits lift once again. The optimism, or traces thereof, cannot be vanquished completely, but neither can the sorrows. These are the grey areas of life. There are organ sounds that could either be drifting in from a far-off carnival or a funeral!

The pipe sound of ‘Never Forever’ feels like either passionate love, or a teary-eyed rebuke of emotion. One is real, the other a mirage, but I’m uncertain which. The melodies are stunning and gorgeous. It’s my second favourite track on the album!

‘Nosferatu’ is like a dusty, eldritch pipe organ in a Transylvanian manse being played by a vampire whose love for the world has faded… run through ample amounts of reverb, of course! The mood here is possibly the most oblique and difficult to attain a tangible sense of. It transcends emotion; it is timeless. Perhaps it speaks to the ever-presence of many kinds of emotion, attempts to combine them all forming a cloud, dense and impenetrable, but somehow also very familiar for it’s separate parts?

The final piece, ‘End Of A Day’, begins with a very low drone, horns… it feels like it engenders the same motif that began the album. As we began, so we end. Our broken wing has seen us through! Despite the positivity of the track that I originally had gathered from my first listen, it is also a very lonely feeling at times the more you listen to it, like someone doing their best to mend their spirit and body in isolation. The mental image I receive is of a hospital, strangely… it’s an image that works very well, but changes my mood about the piece extensively.

A beautiful work, taken as a whole. As far as ambient music goes, it is unique in that it presents a variety of moods and emotions for the background of your life, and thus it is a necessity to put on the download queue from my perspective. It makes you happy to live and to love, renews your optimism of the world while never shying away from exposing it’s bitterness alongside it."


released July 6, 2011




Pollux France

Pollux is Arnaud Barbe.


HQ & Low Bitrate.

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