Blue Grass

by Pollux

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"Blue Grass" is a physical release (CD) on SP & SPeu. You can buy that one here:
Alternative Download:
Review by Yeah I Know It Sucks:
"If you take a peek into our ABC list of reviewed releases you will find out that we have heard many releases by an underground producer, organizer and energetic source of creative friendship called ‘Pollux’. The ears of yeah I Know It Sucks are simply suckers for this guy’s sound. And just because we suck so much, today i will be reviewing another Pollux classic. Perhaps good to know is that most of his work is available for free as he is a big force and source in netlabel land. But today’s review is something for the collector, someone who loves the bright relaxing side of his music and a must have mind pleaser for anyone that believes in sincerity.

This record is released on cd and is definitely worth to get send over to your homely household. It would be a great gift too for loved ones, birds and friendly friends. It will even bring a smile as a gift for a birthday, a funeral or a reunion. Whatever the occasion or the person it is heard by, i personally guarantee each reader that this cd is something that will be instantly loved for its good content. Music that makes everyone feel good, relaxes you and chill you the f*ck out with its laidback beats and atmospheric sounds.

Pollux is a master of ambience, and this in combination with these fine soothing beats is certainly a blessing. Perfect music for all occasions that instead of sending you to a comfortable sleep, it tends to keeps you awake with a lovely relaxed smile upon your face.
Personally i even think that taking this cd into the grave in case when being buried alive, could indeed safe lives! (not specifically your own one..) But of course no times to wait for uncomfortable moments like that to enjoy this album. Better have it into your collection as soon as possible if you are a Pollux fan, or give it away if you want to get a loved one hooked on these lovable tracks of music. Pollux music is in general about love and this release is no exception!

The first track is called ‘Blue Grass’ and has a lovely slow beat and low sounds that are opening up like the rebirth of a sun. Bright warmth is reached and will warm your ears up in a perfect state of euphoria. A lovely calmness is concentrated here that shows how much Pollux loves the color blue and how much he loves Grass. The combination of these two is like a cloud of love filling up your ears with a smooth and soothing delight. ‘Blue Grass’ could be comfortably played on repeat for the ultimate loving sensation.

‘Oldster’ fits like all the other tracks on this cd as a pretty woman’s hand in a satin glove. The relaxing beat just compliments the layer of lovely ambient that Pollux has created. My ears are loving every single bit of this and the moving of the rhythm that never bores gives this track a pure form of enjoyment. Let the strings of love fill up your heart!

The third track is ‘Arcane’ that has a different sound to the beat, and sound. It is warm but also cool at the same time. Like a cold fresh wind that cleans away the dust and the troubles. The smooth rhythm is sexy at times while the melodic strings are getting more and more aware of their own existence. A powerful transformation in an comfortable track of refreshing music.

‘Altar’ is a track that fits the meaning of an altar in the dictionary. An offering is made on this altar and the high spirits are set loose in the open air by our good friend Pollux. The track sounds very holy and spiritual, a well-made tune that inserts a feel good vibration to your chilled out ears. The gods, spirits and other deity’s are on the listener’s side and will fill up the room with pure good will and wonderful music.

God backwards is ‘Dog’, and I have a feeling that the artist didn’t want to use the name of the Lord thy God in vain. Or perhaps he just loves dogs so much that he donated a wonderful masterpiece to their name. An epic track that sounds absolutely wonderful with deep layers, bright strings and yet again a holy feeling to it. It is like walking around in a beautiful church and having an encounter with something unexplainable. A ray of light shines through this wonderful music and it is of such a great beauty, that if I wasn’t the hardcore heartless fellow that I am; would certainly made me cry. What a beauty and filled up with powerful emotions of love that truly enlightens.

With slight tears in my eyes I have to write yet another recommendation to get this album in your collection. Perhaps I can write whole a4’s full with words, but really this release is a very spiritual side of the person behind Pollux and deserves to be heard, shared and loved by everyone with a willing open heart. "


released July 18, 2013




Pollux France

Pollux is Arnaud Barbe.


HQ & Low Bitrate.

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